The Gaian Dharma


Dharma is duty, the way one should live in this life.

How should one live upon this Earth, in this existence?

First, we should always remember that this life – this body – it is temporary. We live for a short season, and then move on.

If reincarnation is a difficult concept to believe, consider that Nature is constantly recycling things all the time. The materials that make up our body were once burning in stars, and probably went through various other transformations before you became you.

Nature is the great Recycler. All things get recycled when they go back into the Earth. And the cycle of lives is much more infinite than anything a mere mortal could possibly imagine. Going on for trillions of years, cycles, planets, star systems and and so on. You and I just the blink of an eye in the immense scale of time.

So you may ask, okay, what about this life? What’s the point? Should I just kill myself since life goes on?

No. Every life has a purpose, like beads strung together to make a necklace, or the minute threads that make a vast tapestry.

So what is your purpose? Your purpose is to live upon this Earth in a way that respects all life on the planet, and protects that life.

The first big change is that you must see yourself as a part of nature, rather than apart from it. We are conditioned from childhood to see nature as a thing outside of human life, something that hangs about on the fringes, like weeds growing out from the cracks of sidewalks.

This is arrogance.

Nature is a part of everything, it controls all things, all life, all laws, all human interactions with each other, or with other species.

If you disagree, try to defy gravity. Go ahead. I dare you. Can you throw something up and make it not fall? Or can you defy death? Can you survive without food and water? Can you walk through flames and not burn? Or swim through arctic waters and not freeze?

Do you not have instincts that drive you to rage, fear or sexual desire?

A key step is to see yourself as a part of nature. Just like animals, we have instincts too. We have programmed ourselves to stop listening to these instincts, and it is very hard in the busyness of day-to-day life. But those instincts are there if you quiet your mind and listen.

Lastly, if you wish to improve the world, you should start with seeking to improve yourself.  We’ll try to add more on this later.