As today’s world order collapses, a key person who will step out of the shadows of history is someone we call “The Emperor.”

In a crisis, people demand a leader who can make the difficult decisions necessary to prevent further chaos and bloodshed.

It would be great if our current democracies could find a peaceful solution for today’s problems. But democracy is not a religion nor a death pact. And if today’s democracies cannot take the actions necessary to make people stop destroying life on the planet, they will collapse and be replaced by authoritarian rule.

Authoritarian rule was the norm for the majority of history, and in the few situations where a democracy did exist (Athens Greece and Rome), the democracies eventually fell apart and were replaced by authoritarian rule.

Who will this emperor be? Well…it’s more likely there will be multiple “emperors.” Or different Lords of the Earth who will emerge to clean up the mess caused by today’s leaders. They will be agents of fate raised by Nature to destroy the synthetic and put a system of eternal laws back in place.