Nature is the foundation for reality. Her laws cannot be ignored. They are deep, inescapable rules that dictate everything in our universe – from the trajectory of planets, to the spinning of atoms.

Our ancestors followed nature’s laws because they had no choice. They had to for their survival.

But today the lives we live are synthetic, so detached from what is natural we might as well be living in space stations thousands of miles above the Earth.

We are currently living in the twilight of an age of darkness.

Human beings have destroyed more than half the wildlife on the planet. What we have destroyed in nature, we have destroyed in our minds and souls.

But this will not last. If we continue living like we are now, we will be destroyed. A philosophy of infinite consumption on a finite planet is simply not possible. Yet nature is not in danger. Nature has survived five mass extinctions on this planet, and will survive another. Human beings are the ones in danger of becoming extinct, and we do not have much time.

Today we have leaders who struggle to maintain their grasp around a failing system. These leaders don’t care about us. They lie, cheat, and do whatever is necessary to maintain their power. But that power is fleeting. Their hands are clutched desperately around mounds of sand that fall between their fingers and fly away in the winds of time.

These people say they have power, but what is power? Piles of money? All the money in the world can’t add another minute to the day. The politicians may have the clocks, but nature controls the time.

The night is darkest just before the dawn. The first rays of a new dawn are becoming visible.

The purpose of this site is to build the eternal ideology for the world to come.