As we get back to a world that is in tune with nature strip any notions you may have of nature as a “fairy tale” or a “Disney story.”

Nature a brutal contest of survival. It is the wolf ripping open the throat of its prey. It is a harsh mother who laughs at your weaknesses and mocks your insecurities.

Our ancestors understood this. What was heroic, strong, healthy and beautiful was good. These were the values almost every civilization and culture had until very recently.

We’re not saying that people shouldn’t help each other, or act like a bunch of sociopaths. Human beings are social creatures after all, and we have a natural instinct to help one another. If anything, you could say that in some ways, today’s world order is much more selfish-sociopathic than the natural world in terms of total disregard for 99% of lifeforms and 99% of the people on the planet.

But what we’re saying is that nature is a brutal world, and the value systems that rise to replace the synthetic values of today will reflect this reality.

For example, eugenics is a very controversial topic. But eugenics is a practice pretty much every society practiced until very recently (prioritizing healthy children over the sick and the weak). Today we can even have a more humane way of doing this via the field of genetics.


Social Law vs. Natural Law: Wake up, you’re in the jungle baby

The Sanctity of Death


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